Stash Busting Sunday

I am really having to drag my sewing mojo out of hybernation at the moment. It is not flowing easily.


I figured I’d start with something easy and got stuck into sewing up some wipes. Flannel one side and scrummy absorbent velour towelling on the other. 


 It was such a wonderful day that I used our outside table for cutting while feeling the warmth of the sun. It was just too nice to be indoors for long.

Then I got as far as pulling out patterns and deciding what my next sewing project will be. Still with ‘quick and easy’ theme.  Some cute wee pants with a frill at the bottom for Finny.  I was stopped from going any further……the fabric needed to be washed and pre-shrunk . I never sew fabric now without doing this. There is nothing worse than spending time sewing something beautiful but then have it shrink in the first wash, never to fit again. Washing is done but the hot drier is just not cooperating. It has only decided to work on 30 minutes dry and I keep forgetting to run to the other end of the house to reset if every 30 minutes Just like I keep forgetting to buy a few batteries to take some crafty pics 🙂

And no…the hat I am knitting is still not finished. Sometime after 2.30 am I placed my knitting up somewhere to stop eager little hands from having a turn and headed to bed….only I can’t quite remember where exactly I placed it to keep it safe 🙂

So to make this posting a little more visually exciting I will add a few more pics of past projects.

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