Does a wee girl need …….

My sewing mojo is back with a vengence….In reality I decided to do something a little more productive with my insomnia than hanging around online all night…

I must admit I did get a wee bit carried away with making Finny some summer shorts.

I just counted them…… 14 wee shorts  sewn up and now waiting for hems and waist elastic.

She has spots. She has stripes. She has flowers. She has stripey flowers. She even has a pair with rodeo cowboys.

Shorts for Play








Shorts for best.








Shorts for home








Shorts for circus








 Shorts for sleep.








Bright shorts.








Spotty shorts.








Floral shorts








Fun shorts.







I’m asking myself how she ended up with so many.  As I rummaged through my stash room there were just too many fabrics crying out to be shorts. I just could not decide …though with toilet training looming I’m sure we will use them all (and then some)

Now some of those wee shorts are just crying out for matching tops to be made…….


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One Response to HOW MANY SHORTS

  1. Flea says:

    Such beautiful fabrics – soooooo jealous.

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