Getting through the Works In Progress

Before I  move onto the next project that has caught my fancy.

I was determined today to make a start on finishing Finny’s wee shorts. They were starting to look like they might join the many WIP that are languishing in hidden corners of the house.

It was a slow afternoon of sewing fitted in around attending to the needs of five little ones. I managed to get three of them asleep at the same time (a very rare occurance) by keeping them up until 2.30ish before enticing them to lie in seperate rooms to ‘read’ books.

Over the course of late afternoon /evening I’ve managed to get 6 of her wee shorts finished and threads cut. I never consider an article finished until I have cut threads and it is all ready to be used.

One pair is missing from the pic. They have been banished to the bedroom (having a trial run tonight) for use as PJ’s (need to make a PJ top to match) as I didn’t consider the quality of the fabric to be quite as robust for play shorts as I would have liked.

A parcel arrived for me today. Another reason to finish these shorts quickly. I am itching to pull out fabric from the stash room and start something new.

These two sweet patterns from Oliver +s (bought from Sewzannes ) remind me of 1950’s/60’s style patterns which I tend to have a liking for (reminiscence of my childhood maybe?). Can’t wait to try them out for Finny.

Also a few funky trendy patterns which appeal just as much.

So you see…I have a good incentive to hurry up with the WIP.

And last of all…..a few yards of fabric that I sneaked into the same parcel.

The ribbing with surfboard print is earmarked for trims and bindings on teeshirts for Caj and the grandsons. Girls are easy but it is so hard to find fabrics that inspire me to want to make funky boys wear.  Camouflage / army / truck and car prints just don’t inspire me at all.

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2 Responses to Getting through the Works In Progress

  1. Sharonnz says:

    I LOVE those Oliver + S patterns – so sad I didn’t discover them while the kids were small enough to wear them. Can hardly wait to see them sewn up here!

  2. brookerbabies says:

    Those patterns are gorgeous! Like Sharon, I can’t wait to see FO with them.

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