Sewing Scissors

Earlier this week my sewing scissors disappeared into the abyss of the McCulloughTriangle (aka our house). I have searched amongst the creative chaos and assorted kids clothing that is in various states of  the washing cycle with no success.  I strongly suspect the youngest of our tribe as the others all know and understand that you just DO NOT TOUCH MUMMY’S SEWING SCISSORS.

Recognise the cute shorts?

I am anal about my sewing scissors.  Woe betide anyone who dares to use them to cut paper, cellotape, crayons, open tin cans or parcels that come in the post.

I can not cut fabric with just any scissors…..I need scissors that are sharp, light to hold, a blade that is ‘just the right length’ and most importantly of all….scissors that just glide through the fabric as I am cutting….giving the feeling of almost floating.

I can not hack fabric. I refuse to hack fabric….and I just could not wait for the elusive scissors to turn up ‘one day’.

With not a pair of decent scissors in near vacinity I started to hyperventolate. I just had to have some scissors  as there are 1001projects I NEED to start on NOW.  The panic and anxiety of having no scissors was setting in fast.

So off I go in search of a replacement and find that I am the perfect consumer … easily swayed by friendly shop talk and the glint of a shiny blade. And as a bonus there is a sale 15% (or is it 20%) off haberdashery. And then I spy them..the ‘oh so perfect’ scissors……the ‘I just have to have’ pair of scissors….the ‘I NEED THEM’ pair of scissors. After a brief discussion between the friendly ladies they concede that yes…scissors are haberdashery and “the one who just can’t resist a bargain’  decides to grab up a small pair of matching scissors that are just right for trimming threads.

And those 101 projects that I just needed to start on ‘NOW’ ……they are still waiting to be started two nights later. At least the anxiety and panic I felt with not being able to start them if I wanted to has subsided and once again all is well in my wee sewing world.

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One Response to Sewing Scissors

  1. nova says:

    lol i’ve toyed with the idea of hanging a string from the ceiling with a hook on the end for my scissors.. or just a hook on the wall of course! (doh) but my new sewing table has a lockable drawer woohoo!

    sooo are they really the perfect scissors? you’ll have to post a review!

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