Otherwise kown as the simple dress that took forever.

First I procrastinated about drafting out the pattern….even though the pattern was a one piece only pattern. I actually cut two pieces one patterned and one plain coz I wanted the dress to be reversible.

Next the fabric hadn’t been preshrunk so had to wait while it went through the washing cycle…finishing off with a hot dry in the drier.

Next I decided that it needed applique on the plain side…..so sat there for a week while I thought about what applique  I would do. In the end that didn’t eventuate coz last night when I went to do it I found I was out of iron on interfacing.

So last night I sewed up the dress but didn’t complete it because I had to change the thread on  the machine to a different colour to topstitch……

So…………finally this morning I have completed it.

It started off as a dress for Finny but we are heading away this weekend to stay a few days with friends and have decided to gift it on.

Just hoping I have enough of that fabric left to make another coz i absolutely love it on my wee girl (whom I managed to co-erce into modelling for me after a few false starts of her pulling it off)

And best of all…….made completely from stash busting…didn’t have to buy a thing…….just spend a little time rumaging around my stash room.

PS. Scissors worked beautifully. They glided through the fabric like I was hardly cutting anything at all.

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One Response to HAWIAN SUMMER

  1. Sharonnz says:

    That girl is SO scrummy – pretty dress!

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