For a long time I have been wanting to knit  Tiki’s rainbow dress for Finny but finding the right yarn was eluding me. … that is  until a few days ago. My thoughts had been to knit the dress in cotton…bright vibrant cotton….but I just could not find any bright funky colours in 8ply that ‘seemed right’. The 8 ply cottons in our local Spotlight do nothing to inspire or spark my imagination.

While on our road trip this week I just happened to stumble on a wee home grown enterprise  somewhere between Rotorua and Hamilton. dscf73501dscf7351






 Here was a place on the side of the road that just happened to be selling asparagus and…………….woollen yarn. Of course I had to stop….this was perfect….I could spend some $$$ on yarn and ease my guilt by surprising the man with fresh asparagus.

At RIDGEVALE I was welcomed by a lovely elderly lady who hand dyes wool (produced from her own sheep) in the most scrummy colour combinations.

And it was here that I found the perfect yarn for Finny’s rainbow dress.

A Rainbow of Colour

A Rainbow of Colour

Late last night I spent a good few hours hand winding half of this hank,…interspersed with browsing a few craft blogs. In doing so I came across a kindred spirit…a  twin….even down to sewing similar styled pattterns and having many of the same fabrics (including the same old curtain  waiting to be recycled) in our stashes. Actually…she had recycled hers into shorts. … my biggest girl had chosen a piece of mine for the book bag project but I still have plenty left waiting for the right project to call to it.

Finally I have a large ball of wool ready to knit from. I also bought some  beautiful deep pinkish/reddish wool for the yoke and possibly for a few stripes if I aren’t happy how the colour is pooling.


Now to print out the pattern, find the right size needles and to make a start.

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  1. brookerbabies says:

    That is beauuuuuutiful wool! Perfecto for the Rainbow dress 🙂

  2. SweetP says:

    Drool! How gorgeous is that wool!

  3. Megan says:

    Oh, I love that wool! I used to drive past that place all the time (I’d recognise those sheep anywhere – lol) but never stopped – doh!

  4. Sue D says:

    Heather that wool is soooooo yumy. I LOVE IT. I wish the lady had a web site. Her wool sounds so nice. Have you finished the dress?

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