Finally completed……..only a month late.


It disappeared for a couple of weeks….hidden away early one morning (like 2.30am early) so the kids wouldn’t get into it….was hidden so well that it took a few weeks to resurface. Also I wanted this to be a total surprise so couldn’t knit when the man was around (one of those rare times I was cursing him working from home)

Work In Progress

Work In Progress

I loved knitting this pattern. It is the 3am Blue Cable Hat by Smariek. Very easy cable pattern…yes I did make a couple of mistakes in there but they are barely visible to the non-knitters eye.

I knitted it up with some wool that I bought from my first ever (and so far only) visit to Knit World. I was in knitters heaven with such a wonderful choice of wools. I had originally had in mind a cute cable vest for Caj but once I found a pattern  and rumaged around the stash room this was calling out to be morphed into the b’day hat.

 Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed  I think it is the tartan colourway that I used….a very manly dark dark green. (I don’t think the photos are very true to colour…..(will try again tomorrow in natural light), I used aprox 1 1/2 balls of wool.

I followed the pattern for Aran weight wool but added more ribbing to the brim and an extra set of cable pattern in the length. It is a great size for a man’s head. Fits me too 🙂 Would love to knit a hat for myself but have already moved onto my next knitting project.

 This is the first thing I have ever knitted for my man in 17 years of togetherness, So it’s one happy guy with a very special b’day hat made with love.


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