I was all set to cast on stitches for the Tikki rainbow dress but instead have been side tracked the past few nights drooling over fabrics and reading awe inspiring blogs. 

No idea how I managed to get so side tracked but guess I can put it down to having a lack of IRL crafters to share with and be inspired by.

First I have spent a wee bit of time browsing Craftster , hanging out in the kids clothing section admiring the imaginations and creativity of wonderful crafty mamas.

This led me to visit a few blogs.

I fell in love with the reversible bonnet pattern created by Petchy and am keen to make a few before the cooler weather catches up with us again. (Plenty of time yet as it is only the beginning of summer.)

Stumbled on a cute as kimono pattern  on the blog Habitual..  I have an abundance of funky fabrics in my stash that I can just see in my minds eye made up as cute kimono tops for Finny.  It seems strange that here is this crafty woman who is so sharing of her kinomo pattern and I don’t even know her name.

Last night I was sidetracked looking at fabrics and feeling very pleased with myself that I managed to keep my credit card hidden in my purse and not pull it out to order just a few metres of scrummy fabric, This may have something to do with the fact that I have received a few parcels of late of scrummy fabrics  (which I will share once I put new batteries in the camera) and I really need to sew some up before I can justify ordering more.

I did come across some neat cowboy fabric which made me immediately think of my friend Sharon who has a weakness for cowboy fabrics.

Need to share my current favourite fabric shop.  Kelani  . A bonus is that it is a little closer to home than the shops in the States . Hence postage being a little cheaper.

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One Response to GOT SIDE TRACKED

  1. habitual says:

    I’m glad you are excited about the pattern – it’s SO FAST and easy…. and addicting! 🙂

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