This month is passing by in a whirl. Doesn’t help that the man has been in bed for the good part of four weeks with severe pain from a neck injury.

I left some SS pressies to the last minute and was up all night making two redondo twirly skirts for two very sweet girls. Just waitng on pics to share as I was in such a rush I didn’t have time to take any.

Then there are the two garments that I made for two little sisters…another SS pressie that I am unable to put up pics or share too much detail  atm as they are getting sent out on Monday. (Pics and details to be added at a later date)

But I can share pics of Finny’s Santa Outfit that I managed to get done over two nights (understandably as my ‘nights’ don’t start until after 10pm).

It was at 1 am in the morning that I had a sudden urge to make a Christmas outfit for Finny to wear to Carols in the Park. This was such a bizarre urge as I am not into Christmas stuff in a big way and am such a Christmas grinch this year that we don’t even have a tree up yet.

After having a hunt through my stash (that I am forever thankful for as it allows me to be creative on the spur of the moment) I emerged with some red minky and white cotton sherpa fabric. First off came a wee santa skirt. I measured the length off one of her skirts here and winged it. Next I added a wee santa hat…..having no pattern at that time of the night I just cut and hoped for the best and was really pleased how it turned out.  I had a day to put some thought into the rest of the outfit as I really needed to sleep before the kids started waking.  A jacket was just too rediculous for our New Zealand summer so I made a wee bolero / cardy type jacket to complete the outfit.   dscf7567dscf7564

Nothing to clip the bolero with so I fashioned a clip from a small safety pin and a sparkley pipecleaner which arrived the day before , holding a small parcel together.


This is my fav pic of Finny…taken when mum had taken one two many pics of her and she was fed up with modelling her new outfit. I love it coz her cheeky personality shines through.


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One Response to SANTA STUFF

  1. Flea says:

    OMG that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute 😀

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