December has been a busy month with the sewing machine in use most days nights. Yep… I do most of my sewing at night…normally after 10pm when i manage to kick the big kids out of the tv room. I have taken to sewing in the tv room as it gives me a little company late at night as no one else in this house is keen to keep the hours that I do.


A reversible sprocket style dress (from the one piece sundress pattern I bought from SewZannes Fabric )for the little sister and a matching skirt (thanks to my friend Rebecca from Ecobubs who gave me permission to ‘copy’ a skirt she made for Finny)for the big sister. Part of a Secret Santa swap.



Shorts for Caj.  The shark shorts (swimsuit / boardie type fabric)) aren’t really my taste but he loves them. The fabric was originally bought to make something up for his nephew L. The camoflague type fabric is a light weight 100% cotton drill. If you look carefully there are wee monkeys and frogs amonst the camo. I aren’t a camo fan…..not a pattern I like to see on wee boys. Was really pleased with how these turned out as they were sewn from scratch. I used a 50 cent pair of shorts from the local op shop as a basis for the pattern. Decided not to add pockets coz  I am a lazy sewer I wanted a pattern that was quick and easy to run up.


Finny’s Christmas Day dress.  Another reversible one piece sundress. I love it how this fabric is so ‘busy’. makes it hard to notice the cherry and blue berry stains.


My ‘circus’ dress……..made to wear in the Christmas Eve parade…then again on Christmas day.  I am getting brave. Another garment made from scratch….I have totally surprised myself that it turned out how I imagined it to be.


I like to wear it with a long fine (virtually see-through) black top over it .  I never (and I mean NEVER) sew myself any clothing but I was so happy with how this turned out that I went on to make myself another which I call my Boxing Day Dress.









Stay tuned. More to come once I take/download pics from the camera.

Including more shorts, Christmas skirts for Zel and Flo, MissC’s quilt, Finny’s b’day dress…………………………..

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  1. SweetP says:

    You clever thing you. You are looking great xx

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh my – well done!

  3. shortly24 says:

    They look great H!! And you look great too 🙂 You have been so busy!

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