Country Chick Goes City

Crafting has taken a back seat these past few months.  A few wee items (to be shared when my camera is unearthed from where ever the kids have had it) but on the whole life has been taken up with…well….life.

The next month will be taken up with sorting / decluttering /packing in readiness for a major move.   I am finding it easy to sort and put out the kids clothes…but my stash of fabric…..that is another story…not to mention the slowly growing stash of yarns as well.  Just how does one go about parting with one’s fabrics when they just might have a use one day…might be just what I need at 11pm at night when all else is closed? 

Luckily our new home boasts a sewing room….a large sewing room……one so large that I’ve even consented to having the tv room share my sewing space (coz I love to have company in the dead of night when all else is sleeping) and I will still have plenty of room for my stash.  I have already purchased two large shelves from the demolition yard in anticipation of the move. A couple of coats of paint and they will look clean and pristine ready for my fabrics. 

The exitement of such a huge crafting space has had me overlook the little things like lack of kitchen (we were going to put one in but the lure of a heat pump for my sewing room won out over a workable kitchen….I mean…how can one be creative when you are wrapped in a blanket shivering from the cold) , the three small bedrooms that I need to fit 9 of us into (yes…I could use my sewing space as a sleeping area…but then where would I store my stash).  Actually…the most exciting thing about the move is the time it will free up. We will be two minutes walk from the centre of town (country chick goes city) . I will no longer have to play taxi to the teen kids in our household. By my reckoning this move will free up  at least 5-6 hrs a day….hours that I can devote to my obsessions passions… that is truly something to get excited about 🙂

Watch this space 🙂

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2 Responses to Country Chick Goes City

  1. SweetP says:

    oh wow , how exciting for you. i am SO pleased you will no longer have to spend half the day in the car, that makes me so happy for you. all the best with the sorting and packing and all that. are you selling your old house? gosh it will be such a relief for you to be out of there 😦

  2. Jo says:

    That is so exciting, especially about the large sewing room. Good luck with sorting everything out and all the best for the move 😉

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