Our big move over with…never want to do that again in a hurry…last straw was the computer packing a sad two days after the move 😦

At present the sewing/creative space is an unpacking/sorting space with a gillion black rubbish sacks full of ‘treasures’ to be sorted and stowed away.

Sewing gears lost in the abyss (‘cept for the overlocker that the repairman has ‘lost’ while servicing it) so it has been knitting here for me.

Last week managed a cute roll brim hat for Finny (photos to come). Knitted with Cleckheaton’s Kaleidoscope dark Pink Mix this was a fast knit on 5-5mm circulars.:-)

Also knitted a roll brim hat each for Zel and Flo in their hockey team colours. Saturday mornings up on the hockey field i smore often than not cold with a bitter wind. i did not enjoy knitting these…knitted on 4mm circulars in DK / 8 ply. I think it was having to knit them in colours that did not appeal to me that put me off…and the second similar hat was torture…even though an easy and resonably fast knit. (pics to come)

My Vintage Purls sock club yarn is sitting here ready to be started. With the computer dying I could not teach myself magic loop or the cast on method that is reccommended.


This project is going to be a challenge for me because believe it or not..I have never knitted socks.  Am pleased that the pattern is a toe up one as that way makews more sense to me:-)

Since my swift is packed away somewhere I had to make good use of the available teen:-)


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