50 plus 5

A 50th and a 5th b’day in our house…..the same day even.

And my new found mojo has been working overtime.

Two days before the man’s 50th I had a masive urge to make him a quilt for his gift.  I was wanting a gift that had meaning to him and that suited his personality. His first passion is kayakking but with no suitable fabric that depicted that I went with his next passion…the NZ bush and wikderness.Now I am not a quilter. (I made my friend Michelle did most of the sewing on the front panel (still to be finished off) quilt that I made for Miss 16 last Christmas.)

I could only work on it evenings at Michelle’s house as it was a big big secret…. and they turned out to be two very long evenings..working into the early hours of the morning.  I can say that I did it all myself ‘cept for the handsewing of the binding which saw M and I stitching as we watched infomercials on the telly coz that was all there was in the early hours of the morning.


Michelle completing the last stitch

And the finished product.quilt

 I am yet to take some more detailed close up pics

And just so that Caj had something special ‘made by his mum’ for his b’day I whipped up a few bunting  flags to brighten up our livingroom. After a quick hunt through my fabric stash (and a chance to do a little stash bust) a pirate theme seemed perfect for him. Thanks to Beth from stitch.rip.repeat for the tutorial.  I made a few alterations but the basic tutorial is great and very easy to follow.



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4 Responses to 50 plus 5

  1. Great job on the quilt! I love the pirate banner too.

  2. Flea says:

    That bunting looks great and well done on the quilt 🙂

  3. Kelly says:

    Thats absoblimminlutely beautiful!

  4. challenged says:

    Go Heather! What a fantastic run that you’re on. Love the quilt & the bunting, just fabulous! I hope you keep running full-steam ahead with inspiration so I can drool some more!

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