Creative Friends

Lately I have had many reasons to be thankful for friends.

My friend Sheryl came for a visit (she’s the skinny one)


Sheryl knits (and she sews)…she  manages to complete so many projects that I am in awe. Now I know her secret. I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing it with you all. She has about 3 knitting projects on the go and whenever she sits down she has her needles in her hand.  I tried this for two days and it really works…a row here and a row there and you’d be surprised at how much knitting has been achieved by the end of the day. Sheryl had some beautiful project bags that I drooled over and now she is running a give away for a similar bag filled with goodies over at  Shortly Stitches 

My friend Kat turned up to my house this week with a simple but stunning b’day cake for Caj who was turning 5. 


With the b’day quilt consuming every spare minute I didn’t even give a thought to a cake. Thanks Kat for saving the day and putting a big grin on one wee boy’s face. Also Kat made some summer pajammas for Caj which he absolutely loves (and I haven’t had time to photograph yet)

And a big thanks to my friend Michelle (no blog as far as I know) who had me arrive and take over her sewing machine, livingroom and evenings (well into the next day) two nights in a row. She encouraged me and shared her skills to enable me to make a very special quilt.

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One Response to Creative Friends

  1. Kat says:

    I feel privilaged that I got the chance to put a smile on Caj’s face :o)
    I think I will have to produce a similar cake for Faith in less than a months time. Caj won’t be allowed a fancier cake than her lol.

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