Spring has Sprung

and along with spring my creative mojo has emerged from hybernation.


A spring swap with friends (something small for everyone) saw me try my hand at making bias binding. Thanks to encouragement from my friend Abbe and our local Spotlight I picked up some quilters cotton at $5/metre (yep…that is very cheap for quilting cotton here in New Zealand) and a small bias making tool. My thoughts while making it that it was slow and time consuming. I’m sure that it will become faster as I make more.

But so worth it for the end result…beautiful patterned bias tape all ready for use.

Onto the secret gifts (which aren’t going to be secret any longer once I put up pics) I was in such a hurry to try out the bias that I’m afraid  my sewing isn’t up to my normal standard. Never mind…friends are very forgiving (I hope:-)). Eight wee giftees later and I am so pleased how they turned out. I started off with an idea in my head but then went to visit my friend Michelle (who is  a beautiful quilter…something I just do not have the patience for) and was inspired by a small wall hanging she had made,  No..I did not make a wall hanging but used the idea of the quilt pattern to design somethign of my very own that is based on the same item my mum had in her sewing box many years ago.

Something small Something useful (coz at the end of the day I am a pracical soul and do not want to put time and energy into something that won’t get used)IMG_6387

See my bias binding in action?

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3 Responses to Spring has Sprung

  1. Sharonnz says:

    I love it! Thanks so much;-)

  2. arlijohn says:

    Great bias binding. How fun!

  3. nova says:

    thanks heather! you wouldn’t believe just *how* practical it is here too – i had little cardboard packets of needles floating all over the place lol!

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