Untangled and Lost

in Crafty Blogs.

I am attempting to keep up with nurturing my new found  crafty mojo by taking time out each day .  Todays project was not hard at all…. shouldn’t have taken long at all ……that was until I saw the tangle that the beautiful hand dyed yarn was in.




It took more than a couple of hours to get the yarn wound up into two small balls.  After that it didn’t seem long at all before the yarn morphed into some very girly crocheted squares. I love to crochet…it reminds me of my nana Ruby who taught me to crochet many years ago. I made my first crochet blanket when I was 11/12.  I remember taking it into school to work on it in my lunch break….even back then I was facinated by colours and impatient to put them together to see the finished article.

It was no different this time as I was impatient to see how this pretty verigated yarn crocheted up. Yarn that I had hand dyed a few years ago on a girly/crafty weekend and has sat in my stash waiting for inspiration to strike. Yay for a little more stash busting.


The lighter one reminds me of strawberry yogurt and the darker one of blackberry smoothie.

I have been spending my evenings getting lost in crafty blogs.  All thanks to my friend Sheryl from Shortly Stitches who has signed up for Blogtoberfest.  I followed a link…and then another…and then I was lost and before I realised it was 5am in the morning and the sun was about to come up.

For  those of you who get excited about fabric and knitting and general craftiness here are a few that I have been looking at.

Jo from Crazy Crafter NZ has a give away of an interchangable needle case and some accessories (no..no needles) running. Head on over and sign up and while you are there take a look at  her blog. She has an easy felt needle case tutorial there. Wish I had seen that last week when I made my wee gifties. I just thought it out in my head from a memory of my mum’s one when I was a kid.

I have stumbled upon Humel at I Speak Melsh who creates cute craftiness from paper. Check out her tutorial for a mirror frame. The finished frame is beautiful.  Humel is another that is generously gifting some craftiness away for Blogtoberfest. Check it out here to enter.

ust when I thought I was heading to bed for the night I found my way to  Melanie who has crocheted the most awesome jug cover and is giving away a crochet tea cosy. I haven’t had time to go through her blog yet (bed is calling) but just had to share her crochet with you.  Just looking at that beautiful cover she has made has inspired me to check out some crochet patterns and learn to read them.

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4 Responses to Untangled and Lost

  1. Jo says:

    Thanks so much for the mention. Pleased to see your crafting and blogging again, I’ve missed seeing your creations 🙂

  2. titus2woman says:

    I’m impressed~I HATE untangling yarn! UGH! (((((HUGS)))) and glad to have found your blog! ~sandi

  3. Sam says:

    i have a tangle just like that 😦 http://samssnips.blogspot.com/

  4. Mel says:

    Oh dear, I am so rubbish – meant to visit you ages ago! Thanks for dropping by my blog and mentioning my giveaway on yours 🙂

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