I Just Couldn’t Resist

replacing our old chipped coffee mugs with a few of these ‘Sip One Knit One’ coffee mugs from the local Spotlight 20% off sale this week. I don’t know what it i swith coffee cups in this house. Everytie someone comes around all I can find is broken chipped mugs. Mugs that I am embarrassed to offer to my friends.  Now it feels great to be able to offer them coffee in such beatiful mugs (or is that me just being biased as I have an obsession with knitting)


Gorgous, aren’t they?

It has been one of those frustrating weeks where I have been bsy with WIP (Works in Progress) bt not  alot finished …that was until late this afternoon  when I sewed up some bunting flags for Miss17-tomorrow’s b;day.


A night of cutting the flags, 3 hours of decorating the edges with pinking shears  had me wondering why an earth I’d started.  late this afternoon I got a chance to pt them together and knew why I’d bothered. I jst get so excited with fabric and colour. This bunting has no particular theme other than to be bright and stand out. I’m sure it will look great strung between the trees toorrow at the local park. In the mean time I just had to try them  out so strung them in the house for Miss17 to wake up to in the morning.



I have  a couple of knitting projects on the go at the moment.  Number one on the list to be completed is a Spring Butterfly  top/cardy… designed by my friend Rachel who  comes up with the cutest wee tops for girls.

To finish off…I found this pic lying on the floor ….  not sure which of my wee artists did this but since I have a soft spot for rainbows and bright colours I wanted to share.


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One Response to I Just Couldn’t Resist

  1. nova says:

    cute cups!! hey when you get your crafting haunt ready to go you’ll have to hide them out there with coffee/tea supplies 😉

    love the bunting & rainbow too!

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