Home-crafted Christmas and New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year  to all my friends and family. (Not sure if any of my family actually read this or even know about the world of blogging.)

Peace, Love and Blessings for the year ahead, 2010

New Years Resolutions. I would love to say a blog a day but being realistic I will settle for a blog a week. Count anything more than that a bonus 🙂

Some pics of what kept me busy and sleep deprived the week before Christmas.

These are half of them. I ended up making 15 of them for children and grandkids and one for a Secret Santa Swap. For over a week I pondered about santa sacks and how to morph pillow cases into santa sacks so that they didn’t look like boring old pillow cases. Then one night in the early hours of the morning it came to me (2.30am to be precise when all good ideas are born). I’d make tote bags that could be Santa sacks on Christmas day and then be used all year around. Perfect.  I made up a pattern (with the help of an old silk bag that was long past it’s use by date) , hunted through my stash and got sewing. To tell you the truth…by the time I had half of them sewn up I was well and truely over tote bags so it seemed to take an age to complete them all. I am one of those crafters that once I have made one or three I am bored and ready to move onto something else. Well worth it in the end as they were well recieved and are in use most days.

Hand dyed wool (think it was Jet) for part of my Secret santa gift. Was pleased how this turned out as I am always unsure how the finished product will look.

I took part in three Christmas decoration swaps and for all of them I made the same decoration …. a string of knitted Christmas Tree Lights. I absolutely love them. Ran out of time to make some for our home … a good reminder for me to start my christmas preparation very early .. not a week out from the big day. (tell a lie….managed to get one of these made fairly early in the month)

Now the items I enjoyed making the most and have not had enough of making them yet.(though yet to get back to making more)

Beautiful skirts (yes I am biased as any mother is when they look at their own child) made with a mix of retro / recycled / new fabrics (again all from stash)

And my favourite one of all

This gorgous girl started life as a pot holder. I rescued her from the hospice shop for a mere $1 and for a long time she languished amongst my stash. I could just never think what to do with her.  Finally she has had a makeover and found a new resting place…one that I think suits her very well. 🙂

I also made two more skirts…one that is sitting on my ironing board waiting for binding to be pinned to the hem and one that was gifted to my grand-daughter before I thought to take a pic.

Watch this space for more colourful creations. I am declaring 2010 the year of stash busting.

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2 Responses to Home-crafted Christmas and New Year Resolutions

  1. mum2girls says:

    It all looks great Heather 🙂 I will make sure I remind you you are stash busting and not buying 😉 Look forward to your weekly posts.

  2. Jo says:

    I really love everything you have made here, I better hurry up and get my craft room sorted (started a week ago and it’s still a shambles) so I can use some of this inspiration to get creating.

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