Fabric Score

Wow doing good so far…..second day of the year…second blog.

Visited a beach side gala day today and browsed the stalls.

It was so hot that I needed a sunhat. My friend Taya was there selling her wares and I came away with this one.

A reversible sunhat with a large brim. I prefer the plain side 🙂

I also scored some unique hand printed fabric off cuts.

Not sure what these will end up being morphed into but just couldn’t walk on by and leave them sitting there. Although I did say I was stash busting I did not make any NY Resolutions not to buy any more  fabric…’specially interesting unique fabrics. 🙂

But I do know what this will become. It is a poly/cotton mix that I am hoping will stretch for a skirt for me. It’s not often that I sew for myself but have a few pieces of fabric sitting here just waiting.

But first I have promised one wee guy some items that he is hankering over. He’s picked out the fabrics and every morning for the past few days he has woken and asked if I’ve done them…so off to sew for him now.

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One Response to Fabric Score

  1. Jo says:

    Great hat, and WOW great score on that fabric.

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