Boxing Day Britches

I’d been wanting to cut into my stash of cotton / lycra for a long time. Finally, once the stress of christmas sewing was over I was free to start.

First up was for Finny.

With her giving up on her day nappies (diapers for those of you who are American / Canadian) I was having a problem finding wee undies that fitted her well.  If I got them big enough to cover her butt they were gaping at the legs, the elastic was often too tight and the fabric they are normally made out of stretches out of shape with the first wash. Our darling wee girl was having to make do with her big brother’s underwear.

Not anymore 🙂

All up she has 10 new pairs of Boxing Day Britches. (So named because they were sewn up on Boxing day)

Once I realised I could sew up knickers that looked ok my mind started ticking away at an alarming rate. After a night of drawing, adjusting, sewing, back to the drawing board again,   it took three prototypes to come up with a comfy pair of undies that I was happy to wear.

The final product is yet to be photographed due to a trial run to check for comfort and fit. I took the best features of the above two and melded them together into one 🙂

By now Zel and Flo were begging for mama made undies so another eight were  sewn up.

Yes…I know there aren’t eight of them in the pic. They were sewn up a few days ago and the others are either in use of languishing in the laundry basket.

One sad wee boy was feeling very left out. He’d picked out his fabrics days ago and was waiting not so patiently. Today was Caj’s day to have new grundies.

Bottom left was the original pattern from Ottobre but I was not happy with how it looked or how fiddly and time consuming it was so I made some adjustments to the pattern. All up I made him 5 pairs. The bright stripes are to have yellow binding….need to go buy some yellow cotton tomorrow. Murphy’s Law…I have every colour but yellow. I have an idea in my head to draft a pattern of my own but as that would be another day’s work and I wanted to get these finished in one day I have put it off for another time.

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6 Responses to Boxing Day Britches

  1. mum2girls says:

    They all look fantastic! You have done a lovely job on them it’s no wonder all the kids were lining up for their own pairs 🙂

  2. ottomania says:

    Thanks .It’s not only the little kids that are lining up. have orders from Miss17 and Mr 20 . Need to find some time to make up some patterns that they are happy to wear.:-)

  3. neak says:

    Those rock Heather 🙂 am looking at making Seth some undies but i don’t have that wide FOE like you do so might have to think up something else to use 🙂

  4. dodgums says:

    Hey Heather they look cool. You have done well. Think I need some more fabrics to make some too. Maybe I need to get that patern book as well LOL

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