Embrace Insomnia

It gives me more hours in my day.  Hours that are uninterrupted by attending to kids every five minutes, constant visitors, answering the phone, cooking and mundane house chores. Don’t get me wrong…I love to have visitors, I love hanging out with my kids, occasionally I love to cook and I do love it when the house is tidy and organised. It’s just that I like to sew without interruptions…I like to be able to start making an item and finish making an item in one sitting before my sewing mojo gets side tracked to some other equally important task.

Up sewing tonight.  B’Day gifts for a wee guy who is three today. caj and Finny are invited to help him celebrate and since one of my NY Resolutions is to gift handmade or recycled I have been creating some funky wee…. oppps …nearly let the cat out of the bag.  I want the gift to be a surprise 🙂

So..can’t share right now but I can share a dress I made for Finny between Christmas and NY…..only it doesn’t fit Finny so Flo scored the dress. I am still to make Finny her b’day dress. Maybe in time to wear to her wee friend’s party on Saturday.

Something else to share:

HINT:  Do not try measuring your kids while they are in bed sleeping.  The measurements just don’t work out and the clothing items sewn with those measurements turn out to be way too big for the intended child.

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