Where has the year gone to?

Wow..I knew I hadn’t posted for a while….

This year has been a mixed bag for our family.

Kids growing way too fast, tudy for me, big kids moving in and out of the house (including biggest girl and her three wee darlings camping out in our livingroom for 2 1/2 months), a 21st birthday, catching up with a grandson we hadn’t seen for 6 yrs and unlikely to see for another 6, farewelling biggest boy and his wife as they heading to London to live, keeping up with the little ones and their home learning activities,  just to name a few.

The hardest thing this year was saying a final good-bye to my dad ….seeing the suffering he went through ‘specially in his final week. It was a badly managed death that should never have been as hard as it was for him. I am at peace knowing that dad’s suffering is over… that he has begun another journey that is yet a mystery to us…. but still there is a great sadness that he is no longer with us in his physical presence.

Be at peace dad…I love you so much xxx

September is spring here in New Zealand and with it has come a burst of creativity.

I have taken the bull by the horns and launched OTTO – Over the Top Originals. First market was a night market that was buzzing with such a great energy and atmosphere…only one sale but I wasn’t expecting many as my stock was very limited in sizes due to my sewing time being compromised by a son who was admitted to hospital. Never mind..I have gotten myself out there after talking about it for a few years and to my surprise have been asked to submit a few outfits for a  kids Fashion Show. Still feeling  a little overwhelmed by that…I don’t even have labels organised yet..just one small rack of clothing.

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