A Few Pics

before everything disappears out of the house.

The courier has become a frequent visitor to our house as I feed my obsession add to my collection of scrummy fabrics.

Thanks to Stitchbird  Fabrics I now have some lego themed fabric and a cute piece with wee robots sitting here waiting to be transformed for a wee guy’s 6th birthday. A wee bit more than I’d normally spend but I’m hatching a plan to make a small piece go a long way.

New Zealand’s online auction site Trademe was the place I scored this piece of 60’s towelling fabric from. Still pondering over the most suitable project for it…at the moment I am leaning towards using it for Miss Finn. t you just see it as a cute wee beach dress for a nearly 4 year old. 

A little bit of stash busting resulted in these cute wet bags. (These were sewn after the wee purses below, once I’d gotten over my zip phobia)

Great for popping that wet diaper (or nappy as they are called in NZ) or wet wipes into. You could even have a wee bag like this handy for when your toilet training toddler has a wee accident in his/her underwear.  Which reminds me..high up on my to – do – list are new undies for  the family.  I have no idea where they disappear to but slowly over the year the pile of boxing day britches has diminished somewhat.

Another stashbusting project saw pieces of new and upcycled fabrics being transformed into these.

I was so proud of these as I they had been in my head for months (will link the tutorial when I find it again) but can you believe it, I was scared of putting in the zips. The last time I put a zip in must have been home economic  class when I was about 11 or 12 years old. That was so many years ago that I don’t even think that home economics is an often used phrase at all these days.

I just love these wee purses. I feel that they have character, each with a personality of their own. They are extra special to me because incorporated into each of these purses is genuine handwoven Harris Tweed. All the way from Isle of Harris, Scotland..the birthplace of my father who grew up with a loom sitting in the croft (house).  The earth coloured tweed spent many years as a jacket before it was given a new lease of life. I was lucky to aquire a long length of the green tweed that I imagine was originally destined to be sewn into a dress jacket to be worn with a kilt.

Lastly a set of cute pirate wipes…quickly sewn up just to make sure my overlocker (serger) wasn’t seizing up with a lack of use.

So newly made that I have not even had time to trim the cotton ends.

Now I have had a warm-up with small pieces of fabrics I really need to get started with creating a birthday surprise for Caj and some summer clothing for the younger members of the family. Watch this space.

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