Fabrics Spread Everywhere

as I decide which colours I will use. Spewing out of the hall cupboard onto the floor as I hunt out suitable boy fabrics, half the livingroom has been taken over by fabrics and pattern pieces as I decide what to sew first.

Decision made and I have forgotten how to put it together it has been so long so off to look at the tutorial I have half sitting in the draft folder to refresh my memory. Really must redo that tutorial and publish it so that others can benefit from my shortcuts.

Yes..I am a tease, no photos to share tonight.

After the last lot of photos taken at night I have decided to only take pictures during the day. Glaring livingroom lights and flashbulbs just don’t do justice to the fabrics or the finished item.

Now to remember to hunt down the camera in the light of day. Not as easy as it may seem with a house of budding photographers and only one camera.

Now for the exciting news of the day. I finally have found an excuse to order some Buttons by Benji . Gorgeous buttons made by my friend Nic. Today I bought Miss Finn a very cute denim dress   (30% off marked price).

Yes I do need to make some alterations because a) I want the dress to be a little more versatile than it is in its present form and b) with it being a dress from a major children’s outlet store  I am wanting it to be transformed into something a little more original.

1. The red top is sewn to the dress. I will be separating it from the dress. Would like to remake the top  so that it can be worn separate from the dress.  This will give this dress way more versatility than it has in its present form. 

2. I feel that buttons have been overused on this style. I plan to remove buttons from both the bodice and the pockets and only replace the buttons on the bodice.

3. Depending on how long this dress is on Miss Finn I may add a gathered frill at the hem line or a mock petticoat hem. Possibly going with shabby chick style fabric but that is still to be decided.

Just wondering if I should choose the buttons and then choose fabric to match buttons or do it the other way around and choose the fabric and then get buttons to match up with the fabric.  Definitely need to sleep on that decision .. 12.34am here already.

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