Lego Toy Bag

I had this picture in my mind for months …. to make Caj a toy bag for his birthday.  I had seen the lego fabric used by kitchykoo last month but never imagined that I would accidentally come across some in my travels through cyberworld. Even better.. it was here in NZ being sold by Stitchbird Fabrics. For a few weeks   OK , maybe a little more than a few weeks the fabric sat on my coffee table waiting…… . Yes in true ‘last minute lucy’ form I did a late night sew-a-thon into the early hours of the morning to produce this.

I am so pleased with how it turned out.  It was one of those projects that I found boring and tedious to put together (measuring squares, sewing them together … I just do not have the quilting type of personality) but really love the end product.

The brown bias I used for the top casing  and tie was made by my good friend Abbe. Thanks Abbe .. you saved me an extra hour of sewing time 🙂

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