In Desperation

Last week I had a long overdue ‘to do ‘ list. Mostly items related to sewing … to over due swaps that just weren’t coming together. I really did have everything organised and on time to get sent out … but was foiled by the early morning thief who stole my parcels from the deck as they waited for the courier to pick up. One parcel was found ripped open in the local park and handed into the courier guys but sadly that parcel wasn’t one of the handmade gifts that I had put a lot of time and effort into making.

Having parcels stolen from the porch just metres from where we were sleeping has thrown me out completely. Finding the motivation to replace items I have already made is soul-destroying. Not to mention finding the time to remake them in a busy house with too many ‘adults’ and not enough helpers for the everyday tasks that need to be done (and quite often are left undone)

Last week I attempted to sort it all out but last week was just one of those weeks where nothing was completed. Determined not to be thwarted this week I hatched up a plan. I packed up my sewing machine, my overlocker, a small table to sew on, a small chair, copious amounts of fabric, cotton, zips, and anything else that I thought I would need and I headed north to the bush with Caj and Miss Finn in tow.  I was so intent on remembering everything that I might need to sew with that I totally forgot to take any clothes for us.

Thank goodness there is a power supply…everything else is very very basic. Three days in the bush was enough time for me to make adjustments to a sun hat pattern , run up enough nappy wipes for a small army and replace items intended for the now over due swaps.

I have to apologise for the lack of photos on this posting. Teen girl borrowed the camera this evening and it hasn’t been returned. Tomorrow I will share a few of my creations.  I just loved how the creativeness flowed while surrounded by nature, peace and quiet (well as peaceful and quiet as a nearly 4 year old and not long turned 6 year old can be) and the lack of any modern amenities and appliances (including computer).

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One Response to In Desperation

  1. sb says:

    argh suckville to the thief 😦 😦 how unsettling. But wow, go you on managing to redo everything! Going bush sounds like it was an excellent plan ❤

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