Summer is Here

and top of my to do list that I got started on last week was sun hats.

Tip One: Even if you have a pattern do not assume that it will fit once sewn up. Best to make a ‘trial hat’ before cutting into your good fabric. Do not be afraid to alter the pattern … make the crown top bigger/smaller, add depth (or take some out) of the crown and finally add or subtract the brim size to suit.

Tip Two: Make sure you are sewing the right pieces to the top of the crown or you will never get it to fit together. (Yes it took me about four attempts of sewing and unpicking before I realised why it wasn’t going together as it should)

Tip Three: Do not be afraid to improvise with what is on hand.

I started off with a basic bucket type pattern … I knew the look I wanted with enough brim to keep the kids shaded. It took me three versions to finally get the hat I was after.

The fabrics for Miss Finn’s hat came together very easily. I didn’t like the plainness of the purple side so spiced it up with an applique of a small bird. The wee bird looked a little lonely so another was added to keep it company.  The brim was a little ‘floppy’ and annoying for Miss Finn so I took an idea from my friend Nicci ( the same Nicci from Buttons by Benji) who used cycle brake cable in the brim of her hats.  I looked around the spartan hut…there was no brake cable to be found but I did spy weed eater trimmer wire. Before I had time to think the ‘should I , shouldn’t I’ debate of using it I had already cut it off and threaded it through. It was perfect and fixed the problem of the brim in the eyes.

I had an old bed cover earmarked for Caj’s hat. I’ve had this sitting here for years waiting for ‘just the right project’. It is one of my most favourite pieces of fabric (also earmarked for cushion covers for my living room). The reversible side was a little trickier as  normally I am very fussy about fabric combinations and here I was stuck in the bush with only a limited amount of fabric. (Combining fabrics is my passion..not sewing them up).  I ended up being creative with a cotton bed sheet from the 70’s  and I just love how his hat turned out. It took a little longer as I had cut out some of the vehicles and appliqued them onto the sheet side.

The third hat I just ran up today. Biggest boy was heading up to the bush and his wee lad didn’t have a sun hat so it was a rush job. The animal fabric wasn’t what I would have normally chosen but was just what I happened to have at hand.  Biggest boy loves the finished hat and has put in another order for the other grandson  with the same animal fabric but with different lining. I am pleased to be using up the animal fabric as I just aren’t drawn to it at all.

YES .. if you didn’t notice they are reversible.  I love that you can get two hats in one.

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3 Responses to Summer is Here

  1. Darny says:

    They look fab! I love your fabric combinations!

  2. highwaycottage says:

    Lovely hats Heather !! Wish I could be bothered making some for Cameron.

  3. hannah and arlo says:

    awesome hats, love the kids expressions too! 😉

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