Done and Dusted

Swap box sorted and sent.  I have been taking part in a hand crafted swap box with some friends.  I love making items to gift away. There is a sense of completeness about gifting a hand made item that you just don’t get with a store bought item. After much dithering (I am a perfectionist when it comes to gifting and worry about whether it is the ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ item) I finally made my decision and added the gifts. Fingers crossed that there is enough variety to appeal to those receiving the box behind me. 

A pair of boys grundies. Maybe a size 6-8 years. Sewn from fabric that has been in my stash for about 15 years.  Finally found the perfect project for it and cut into it quickly before I changed my mind. This is a pattern from  Ottobre magazine  that I have modified and changed somewhat. I am not very good at sewing patterns as per instructions and often slice off bits here and there and sew up seams that were intended to be left open.

Two reversible sun hats. Both the same fabrics. Bird applique slightly different. Both child size. I did start out using a basic bucket hat pattern for these but both have ended up heavily modified as I found the pattern didn’t quite match the picture that I had in my mind.

A set of baby wipes and a wet bag. Baby wipes don’t need a pattern. For these wipes I used flannel backed with cotton velour towelling. The wet bag was my own pattern (but if you can cut and sew a straight line it is very easy to make a pattern yourself). The back of the bag is in plain blue….the same blue as the top of the bag above the zip. Fabric used is PUL, more commonly used for modern cloth nappies. You are able to buy plain coloured PUL from my friend Sarah over at GreenBeans.

Another reversible sun hat. This time in toddler size. The car applique came from a scrap of retro fabric that started life as a bed cover.  The patterned side of the hat I sourced from an old tablecloth. I love it and am hoping that who ever gives this hat a home won’t think it is too girly to use for a boy. I don’t think so and am hoping there is enough fabric left to make a similar hat for Caj.

A coin purse (or whatever-else-you-want-to-use-it-for purse). Another pattern that I ‘winged’ it myself. The back of the purse is genuine Harris Tweed (hand-woven in Scotland). A feature that I love. It gives me a wee thrill every time I incorporate Harris Tweed into my craft work.

My gran was a weaver in Harris and my dad grew up with a loom as part of the household furniture. I have romantic visions in my head but I’m sure the reality was quite different with the joy of crafting taken by the need to make ends meet.  Back in the early 1900’s my gran would have been crafting for the necessity of clothing her family and supplementing the family income with very little choice on what was made or the yarns and fabrics used.

Back to the purse. All of my purses are lined with the lining hand sewn into place.  I am one of those weird crafters who just loves hand sewing. The fabric on the front side of the purse is another scrap from my fabric stash ….  Alexander Henry Skulls and Roses. Probably a little hard to source now as I have had it a few years.

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2 Responses to Done and Dusted

  1. sarah says:

    I love that hat – I would defininately put it on a boy!

  2. sb says:

    WOW, that is impressive, you’ve been super industrious!
    It all looks great but I especially LOVE the boys undies… and the wet bag… and the purse 😀

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