The Beginning

of the season of creativity and giving. Normally December is a sad depressing month for me for a variety of reasons. This year I am forcing myself to feel great about December and turning the month into a creative fun time for me and the kids and embracing the spirit of gifting and giving. All hand crafted , home made of course.

Day 1

We got together with some friends and spent the afternoon making our first lot of decorations. Thanks to a money off voucher from our local Spotlight Store I was able to pick up some very cheap fabric. Funny thing I noticed … the table of Christmas fabrics is very expensive … but if you search around the shop there was plenty of Christmas themed fabric that was actually on sale.

It was heart warming to see  Caj, Zel and Lula so enthusiastic and how  easily Caj could sew one up given his age (6) and that he has never sewn before. 

 I was kept busy threading wool onto the needles and cutting out the shapes (my sewing scissors are a bit big and stiff for them to cut the fabric easily).

Something I have just  noticed … and it’s taken me 8 years to notice … Lula is left-handed.  Not that it matters at all but I was just surprised that I had never noticed before now.- 

The finished decorations

For those who want to make your own decorations these are very simple.

Materials used : Loosely woven fabric, darning/wool needle, yarn/wool, button, stuffing ( I used stuffing from an old cushion inner), scissors and pattern paper.

1. Trace out a heart shape onto the pattern paper (I used one found in a quilt book but you can easily draw one yourself)

2. Cut out 2 heart shapes from the fabric

3. Using the darning needle and yarn sew the button onto the centre of the front heart.

4. Place the two heart shapes together right sides facing outwards. Stitch around the heart(using the darning needle and yarn). Leave a gap unsewn on one side of the heart

5. Place a little bit of stuffing into the gap and sew shut.

6. Sew a small piece of yarn through the centre top of the heart and tie together (for hanging the decoration)

Let me know if you have trouble following my instructions and I’ll take some step by step photos next time we make one.

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