Finding My Sew-Mojo

Christmas crafts are definitely the flavour of the day here. The girls are still sewing up hearts. They decided they wanted bigger hearts and drafted out a pattern themselves. The hearts have now morphed from decorations to necklaces for their friends. I am only needing to help with the occasional threading of a needle. It is making my heart sing to see how the girls have gone from a project of making decorations to now thinking what they can create and gift to others. 

On the other side…I am struggling with any sort of enthusiasm for sewing today (or yesterday). My sewing mojo is nowhere to be seen. In an effort to find my lost sew mojo I pulled out some bits and pieces of fabrics and started cutting and sewing.  One Christmas stocking …. two Christmas stockings …. three Christmas stockings later and still no sign of the lost sew mojo. I did have pleasure from finding just the right fabrics and matching them up , of recycling the old and remodelling them into new useful items , of a little stash busting , of going over in my head where these Christmas stockings may end up…but still no sew mojo.

What I did realise this evening is that I do get a great amount of perverse pleasure from ‘bucking’ the system…from making Christmas goodies without the tradition Christmas look.

I have fallen in love with these crochet decorations made by Lucy over at Attic 24 and am eagerly awaiting her tutorial so that I can make some for our Christmas. Just looking at them makes me feel bright, happy and light-hearted. Perfect for chasing away the Christmas blues that have been hanging around the past few days. They are the sort of decorations that you put  up at Christmas and leave hanging up all year. Just too beautiful to shut away in a box.

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