Give Away Winner

Thanks to all of you who have visited my blog lately.

Give away is now closed and I chose the winner via

Congratulations roseread. I have sent you an email.

It has been a fun week visiting blogs, gaining inspiration and insights from many of you.  I didn’t realise how much time it would take and really appreciated those who made it easy to enter. ie. leave a comment. Some were so complicated that i just didn’t have the time to enter.  Look out for the next Give away week that Sew Mama Sew hosts. Looks like it will be in May.

Now to get on with my Christmas sewing. Sorry no photos at the moment … I have a funny feeling that my camera has been stolen from my vehicle. 😦

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One Response to Give Away Winner

  1. oh no – that is a shame !! bad people – poo on them .. we still want your words though so keep on 🙂 best le

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