A Blog with No Pictures

I was really wanting to share with you all what I have been making. Sadly it is looking like my camera was stolen from my vehicle a few days ago. I have searched high and low for it..the last time I remember seeing it was when I hid it under my jumper while I ran into a shop…….

Feeling sad about it…I was enjoying my life in the world of blogging but a blog with no pictures seems like…well …only half a blog. I’ll continue limping along, writing a few notes in my ‘half a blog’ in the hope that my camera will turn up. I feel like my arm has been torn off …. I had become so used to having a camera nearby ready to catch the small moments in life.

I have been sewing. My sew mojo appeared at a very inconvenient time. Yes, at 11 pm (at night) I was on a roll. Such a good roll that it was 6am before I crawled into bed, only to be woken at 9am to go pick up the big kids from an overnight party. Arrgggg

So I’m sorry I can’t share with you the wet bag that I sewed for a very new baby, the purse that I made for my biggest girl, the Christmas stocking that I made for my sister, I think there was another stocking that I finished and two that are waiting to be lined, the christmas baubles that I have been crocheting like these over at Meet Me at Mikes

Luckily my family are unaware of my secret blog life in cyber world so I am free to share and discuss freely what I am making for them all.

I still have a long list of gifts that  need to be made before Saturday. The joys of being blessed with so many children that I need to sew and sew and sew just for them to have a couple of gifts each to open under the tree.

I desperately need to catch up on my sleep right now. Tomorrow is another day and I will be on a mission to churn out a few gifts for the kids.

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