Great News

Once again I can share photos with you all. I managed to find a cheap(ish) camera on Trademe,( New Zealand’s equivalent to Ebay) to replace my dear friend who was stolen.  I begged , borrowed and stole kept my fingers crossed that not too many people would be pushing up the price and I got lucky. Am happy to have another camera but still mourning my stolen one. I keep expecting to see it just sitting in a corner, on the couch, in my bag….. it was just such a good camera.

I have been busy .. flat-out busy crafting Christmas gifts.

Two lots of decorations for swaps. I loved them…sadly had to post off before I got the replacement camera. I’d really love a set for us here at home but it is looking like I may be running out of time . Still to make the gifts for the kids

  • The man DONE  (cheated and bought an item handmade by someone else) 
  • sister DONE
  • niece  DONE
  •  nephew DONE
  •  daughter #1 DONE 
  •  grandson #1 (shop bought) DONE
  • grand-daughter #1 (shop bought) DONE
  • grandson #4 (bought handmade by another) DONE

Still To Make

  • Son #1  
  •  (Son #2  away until Jan so make after Christmas) 
  •  Son #3 
  • Daughter #2 
  •  Daughter #3
  • Daughter #4
  • Son #4
  • Daughter #5
  • Grandson #2
  • Grandson #3 
  • G/F of Son#1 

OMGoodness … my still – to – make- list is so much longer than what I thought. I really need to get my Arss into Gear tomorrow and see how many items I can knock off the list.

No photos tonight as teens are using camera to record themselves learning to lap dance (don’t ask :-D). Check out tomorrow for some crafty pics

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