To all friends, family and foes (no idea if there are ‘foes’ but sounds good and really I don’t wish anyone any ill will at all, a heart of love going out to you all),


What is Christmas for you?

For me it is about family and friends, cherries, sharing good food, cherries, hanging out together, cherries, days of manic sewing and gift making,. Did I mention cherries?   It has become a family tradition to have a LARGE box of cherries…like 5 kg of cherries that we share and pig out on for a couple of days. (In the heat and humidity of the north we need to get through them fast before they spoil. )

Last night we shared a Christmas meal with family and friends. Today our house is full of kids, little ones, teen ones and big ones and grandkids who are able to be here . Heading out soon to the park and later on in the day to the beach.

We stop  for a moment and remember and send love to those family members who can’t be with us or are no longer with us.

Our son Ruairidh who is spending his Christmas in Australia hanging out with his dad, our first grandson Hamish down in the South Island whose mother has cut all contact with us and made it impossible for us to visit or talk with him… (so sad that we can’t even send him anything as last few gifts that were sent never got given to him)  , grandchildren Lochlann and Brodie who are spending Christmas with their dad, biggest boy Dan (Hamish’s dad) and his wife who are living in London (though we were lucky to Skype with them on Christmas morning), my mum and dad who are no longer with us …… Sending aroha (love) to all of you , where ever you may be xxxxxxx

I am not particularly religious but I am very spiritual so spend time reflecting on the year past and appreciating the here and now.

Christmas is a time of sharing, loving, forgiving …  readying oneself to move ahead into a new year of  exciting adventures and possibilities.

Thank you to all friends, family and strangers who have touched my life this past year…. some of those don’t even realise how you have touched my heart … my life.

Wishing you all a Peaceful Christmas

Peace of mind, peace of body, peace of heart and peace of spirit.

Love to you all xxx

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