Happy New Year

Welcome to 2011

A week into the year and the sewing machine is idle, the knitting needles are gathering dust and my yarn has been used for entertainment for our puppies.

Nothing yet has sparked my interest to get my creativity fired up.

I took a crochet needle and yarn away on holiday with me … I did try one afternoon to get excited about granny squares. I imagined arriving home with a whole pile of them. Instead the workshops and friends at Prana kept my days busy and evenings..well….the down side of camping is that we all slept in the same space and to put a light on at night would have woken some of those sleeping, I did remember to pack the head torch…but forgot the batteries.

These past few days I have been using this lack of sew mojo as a oppurtunity to sort the out-of-control  fabric stash and tidy my sewing space. I am still sorting the fabric..making hard decisions on what to keep and what is to go.  My biggest fear is that I will rehome that piece of fabric that I will absolutely need next week when it will be too late to retrieve it. Courage..it does take courage for me to sort and destash ..to let go of a little fabric that I realistically know that I will never have the time to sew up or are long over the project that it was intended for.

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