New Year Challenge

I have set myself a challenge for the year.

To have a manageable stash of fabric.

At the moment I really don’t know what I have here.

There is fabric in cupboards, fabric in the wardrobe, fabric under the bed, fabric in the livingroom and a heap of fabric in boxes and bags out the back room. I’d say that there is enough fabric to rival the local Spotlight.

In order to get the fabric to a manageable level I need to either

A) Sew it up  (and even at my most optimistic I think I would have to sew 24/7 into forever to even make a dent in it)

B) Rehome some of it by selling or gifting it away.

Just for interest sake I thought it would be good to keep a running total over the year of the metres ( we measure our fabric in metres rather than yards here in NZ) that I both sew up and rehome. And just to keep myself honest I will also keep a total of what is bought. 

Rehome: 3.11m   Sew: 0   Buy:  0

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2 Responses to New Year Challenge

  1. Sue says:

    heather I will watch with interested. I will be cheering you on. Go for it!!!! 🙂

  2. Darny says:

    I so need to do the same thing, but just can’t bring myself to! I am trying to sew from stash rather than buy anymore, soooo hard when I see so many pretty fabrics around! Good luck with it, I’m happy to sacrifice my stash busting if you are selling any pretty quilting stuff 😉

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