Return of an old friend

My sew mo-jo is stating to itch…no January craftiness yet but it’s happening.

My sewing scissors turned up today. squirreled away by the wee bag lady who is resident in our house. I did go and look in the Bernina shop to replace them this week but eeekkkkkkkk ….the replacement cost was more than I had anticipated and since I am such a scissor snob I couldn’t bring myself to buy a cheaper pair. (Some of you might be laughing but once you use good sewing scissors it is so hard to go back to scissors that ‘hack’ through the fabric) My heart leapt the moment I saw greeting an old friend who has been absent for a while.

Thought I’d share something that was handcrafted and gifted to me at Christmas.

This cheeky guy has now found a home perched on top of the piano.

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