New Old Books

I have recently acquired a couple of new craft books. Well…they are new to me but really they are ‘old’ books published in the 1970’s.

First up: American School of Needlework presents THE GREAT GRANNY CROCHET BOOK

I love it..patterns for everything. The majority of the book is printed in black and white but there are a few colour pics

I have been eying this one up and am sure I could morph it into something that the modern Miss would wear.

As for this one

A gorgeous beach cover up……… I am left wondering if anyone has ever made this (other than for the photo shoot) and if so why an earth would they spend so much time making something that would make them look three times larger than they are? I already feel like a beached whale without needing a wonderful orange garment to emphasize my not as petite as I’d like it frame.

I don’t even want to imagine how my profile would look with the addition of the cover up.

Second Book: Family crafts FUN WITH FABRIC (Pernelle Sevy)

Despite it being a ‘retro’ book there are lots of fun projects and ideas that can easily be tweaked and updated to make with the kids  I have my eye on these wee gals.

 Look out for an up and coming  blog for an updated version

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