Sale time

This arrived in the mail today. Now normally this mail sits around for weeks until I finally open it up  (and normally kick myself when I see that there is something that I absolutely needed). You may ask why I don’t normally open these. Firstly there is very little fabric from SL that I would buy these days. Secondly I just don’t need to be tempted into buying more fabric just for the sake of a bargain. I have more than enough fabric sitting here at home that is waiting to be sewn up.

Anyways..for some strange reason I opened this and got very excited when I saw this

I am not a quilter but I have been wanting to buy a few jelly rolls to mindlessly sew together into strips. I grabbed my purse and rushed over to the shop to grab a few before they were all snapped up. It’s very handy living almost on SL’s doorstep at times like this. Ummmmm…..only one problem……the sale starts tomorrow.

But wait!!!! Not all was lost.

There was a small pile of jelly rolls sitting there marked down to $6. Yes … you read that right. $6 for a pack of jelly rolls. I quickly grabbed a few of them up ok…most of them up (it was a very small pile) and headed to the counter. And I guess you would like to know what the best part of the day was… most of them had been wrongly marked down but they still had to sell them to me at the reduced price instead of $39.99 each . I love those ladies at SL. Thank you Universe …

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