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Isn’t this just so retro. I couldn’t believe it when I came across this 70’s vest this week, in absolutely perfect condition.  In exchange for  $1 it became mine. Sadly I am no longer the slim boobless teen that I was in the 70’s but I just had to take it home to admire and fondle . I have a secret and I’m pretty sure that it is a secret that no one else knows about (or remembers) but today I will let you in on that secret. Fairisle knitting is my most absolute favourite form of knitting. Many years ago I knitted a small cardigan for one of my babes and I was hooked. Later when MissC was a baby and toddler I knitted countless fairisle earflap hats making up the patterns as I went …long before they became a fashion item here in NZ and the market was flooded with ‘Made in China’ hats. Those ‘Made in China’ products sadly put an end to my hats being available in selected craft stores between Hokianga and Auckland and as MissC grew out of them I put down my needles in favour of study.

Back to the sat for a few days on an old school desk in the livingroom with me admiring and fondling it every time I walked past. Admiring the patterns, the colour, the hours of knitting, even wondering about the woman (I just presume it was a woman) who knitted it and who it was knitted for. I was hoping that the right project for it to morph into would jump out at me and I’d be away laughing with my sew mojo having been found. The thing is…I left it sitting there a day or two too long….

It seems that I have a daughter after my own heart. Miss Zel saw it , her eyes lit up and before I could say jack rabbit shit she had claimed it for her own,

Now for any of you who are interested in knitting a fairisle hat similar to what I used to make, my friend Gabe wrote up this pattern a few years ago though you will need to be creative and make up the fairisle pattern as you go along or you could cheat and use some of that modern self patterning wool that is now available.  I’ve just remembered about this post here  if you are wanting to check out some striped hats knitted up to Gabe’s pattern. Just the hat to kick-start your wee one’s winter wardrobe.

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One Response to Find of the Week

  1. Just the sort of find that makes my day too! Looks gorgeous on Miss Z.

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