A changed world

Just found this half written post  in my drafts: dated March 3rd

I haven’t posted since the Christchurch earthquake.  I am far away at the other end of the country.  I feel for my friends and all citizens of Christchurch and like everyone else I wanted to help in some way. If I had a dollar every time a friend said I wish I could go to help I’d now have a good pile of coins to donate. By a serious of coincidences (which in the big picture of the universe is probably no coincidence at all) I am heading down there for the weekend with a specific job to do.

I already had tickets booked since June last year. I was planning on an annual catch up with friends, a weekend of laughing, of crafting and of overindulging in good food. The event of the earthquake saw those plans being cancelled and me being left with tickets for a return flight with nowhere to go.

A week ago I woke in the morning with just such a strong calling to attend the First Light Flower Essence workshop in Auckland. I had no plans to attend as I’d attended the year before but the calling was so strong that I couldn’t ignore it. Over the weekend I heard that Disaster Relief essences were being made up in Christchurch. A few emails later and it is confirmed that I am indeed needed to help this weekend with the putting together of essences known as ‘quake mix’ by the Christchurch locals.

It has been a learning curve. It in one thing to say ‘I’d love to help’ ‘I’d go down if I could to help’ but quite another thing to actually go there and help when many people are fleeing the city and not wanting to be there. I have no personal experience with earthquakes and after shocks with having lived in a part of the country that is deemed very low risk. There is a feeling of guilt in that our life here goes on as normal while the people of Christchurch have been traumatised, lost loved ones and for many they are displaced and without a home.  I have had to push past my anxiety about the ‘what ifs’ , have found some courage and strength to head down there…….

I was sad that I didn’t get to catch up with any of my friends but I did meet some wonderful people, spent five days writing so many labels that now I am sure I could write them in my sleep and I learnt a lot about myself in the process.

Amid the devastation of the earthquake there was love, hope and an awesome energy amongst the people  I met that I just couldn’t put into words.

Imagine my surprise when I saw these trees wrapped in knitted and crocheted love.

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