The Three Stooges

for lack of a better name.

Did you know that it takes just as much time to sew up wee toys and give them a personality as it does to knit them?

Miss Finn (4) was sitting up last night helping me stuff the guys while I tried to explain to her what an earthquake was. Very hard to explain to a 4 year old when she has never experienced one. These small pocket pals will eventually be heading to new homes in Christchurch. My friend Nova from Newly Made has asked for some help to get some toys together to help comfort the little ones that have been traumatised by the February earthquake and aftershocks.

These three were actually knitted while I was down in Christchurch … no patterns on hand so I just winged it. I’m pleased how well they turned out. Miss Finn is spending a few days and nights playing and sleeping with them…giving them lots of love to take on their journey south.

I’m wondering if it would be quicker to sew toys rather than knit but then knitting is so portable..I can grab the needles and knit anywhere.

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