Friendship Bracelets

Zel and Lula are still having fun with making up friendship bracelets from the templates and instructions here

It occurred to me that some of you might like the link to the templates so you or your kids can make some up for yourself or for gifts.

I also thought that these would make a good gift for a girl ..maybe aged 8-12 years or even older . (Miss 18 has been having fun with these as well) Make up a few templates, add some coloured embroidery cotton (can be bought cheaply in emporium type shops), sew up a small WIP (Work In Progress) Bag and walaaaaaaaaaaa.

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One Response to Friendship Bracelets

  1. nova says:

    very cool!! i remember hours spent, when young, tying knot after knot in intricate patterns 🙂

    would you believe i have only just discovered your local emporium?!!!

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