OMG…a phobia

Not just any old phobia but one that is  just devastating to someone who lives, sleeps and breathes fabric. More so to one who has a stash of fabric that really needs to be tamed.. I had made a commitment to take part in a kids winter clothing swap. I had the pattern all drafted and ready to do……the fabric picked out and sitting in front of me every day….but for the life of me I just couldn’t get any further with it. Late last night (close to the bewitching hour) I took the bull by the horns scissors by the handle and decided it was now or never (and never wasn’t an option). That was when I had the realisation that my head just wouldn’t let me cut into the fabric. My hands grew clammy and my heart started palpitating. I really had to push and prod myself to make a few cuts. It wasn’t an easy task (cutting into the fabric) but it was so worth pushing through that inner turmoil to hear the whirrr of the machine and to achieve the end result. 

I have no idea when the bizarre phobia took a hold of me but one thing is for sure…it can not stay.  Fabric is my passion and I love nothing more than creating an original garment for one of the kids. Have decided that the only cure for this is to sew up a storm…force myself to cut and sew until once again wielding the scissors becomes like second nature. First in line is MissFinn who is wanting a toastie warm hoodie similar to the one she is modelling. This one is already on the courier, heading towards a new home.

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One Response to OMG…a phobia

  1. Sue says:

    Hey Heather well done. That looks soooooo cool. I like it

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