Upcycled Winter Warmers

After spending seven weeks  with packs on our backs and dripping sweat from the heat we are back right into the middle of our New Zealand winter and everyone is freeeeeeeeeeezing.  I was so needing to sew but in our absence the unsupervised teens housesitters had turned the house into a party house rearranged everything and in the process the overlocker (serger for those of you in the States and Canada) control foot had vanished. After a few weeks of searching desperation had me relent and order in a replacement.

The man’s away for a few days and he was barely out of the driveway when I gave the floor a quick vacuum and covered it in mounds of fabric.

First up was a wee bit of upcycling with a woollen jumper.

Add a little merino (hat 1) and a little cotton lycra (hat 2) and a wee bit of overlocking (serging) for each hat and the kids aren’t going to feel so cold tomorrow.

Still got a wee bit of hand stitching to complete them but look …

they are even reversible … two hats in one.

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