Not again

The old camera has gone AWOL. What is it with me and cameras this year?  A post without pictures is just …well….bland and boring in my world.

I will post anyway…just so that you can all see read that I have been busy creating. Not a lot to show for hours of sleepless nights. Two nights of unpicking until I had finally unpicked the entire garment, resewn…still not right and the balled up fabric is now banned to the corner … never to be played with again.

Never mind…these things happen…onto Plan B. A pattern I’d never tried before but looked easy enough. It was easy enough….only problem is the finished garment would fit a 12 yo ..not the 4-5yo size it was intended to be.

NOTE TO SELF: When you have a deadline that was 2 weeks ago do not try sewing from a pattern you have never used before.

Plan C. Back to an old favourite that I should have started with right at the beginning. Dare I make a few changes to alter the pattern.?  I’m totally over this particular project so figure I can’t do any worse than I had over the previous few days and slice into the fabric….beyond the point of no return. Luckily it went together easily and even fitted the reluctant model. Sigh of relief. Two 4am bed times and a whole day of sewing for one finished garment that should have taken a couple of hours at most.

Now to find that camera. I was looking back over by posts and am amazed at the lack of record keeping there actually is of my creative endeavours. In my mind I’d blogged about them all.


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