Funny…I never thought of myself as such a great fan of dinosaurs but it is dinosaurs that have given me back my knit mojo after a good 6 month plus absence.

My friend Kylie was a test knitter for the Diplodocus sweater pattern by Kate Oates. (Photo above is from the sweater pattern…aren’t the colours great?).

I saw a photo of the  sweater that Kylie had knitted up and I was in love. I could just see it on my 6 1/2 yr old Caj, and I love knitting colourwork and fairisle which relieves the boredom of just a straight one colour knit. To entice me even further, this sweater is knitted from the top down, avoiding the need to seam it up when you have finished.

First step was to track down some worsted weight yarn as it is a weight that is hard to find here in New Zealand, especially  with no decent wool shops in town.  I got off to a false start when what I had been knitting up turned out not top be a worsted weight yarn as I’d thought but was more of a chunky yarn. Ripped it back and a hunt through my stash revealed a Woolorganics worsted weight that was perfect.  I ended up ordering a couple of skeins of fleece artist woollie silk  3 ply from Coloursong for the contrasting colours.

So far I’m loving how the colour combination is turning out and the yarn is feeling super soft and scrummy. I’m also loving how fast it is knitting up and how easy the pattern is to follow.  I’m already planning a ‘little sister’ version for Alice (aka MissFinn).

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2 Responses to Dinosaurs

  1. shortly24 says:

    Looks lovely – bright, cheerful and it will be so snuggly in Woolganics too! Great to see you loving knitting 🙂

  2. Kylie says:

    Love your colours Heather. I’m glad you’re enjoying the knit!!

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