Doesn’t time fly

Seems that I misplaced my sew-mojo (and the knit-mojo) after my last crafty post in August. Lost in the chaos and clutter of my house (and no…I won’t be sharing any pics…it’s just too embarrassing)

A new year and a new start.

Actually I started in December when I joined in with Sew Funky’s Christmas decoration swap. We were put into groups and had to make 6 (I think it was six…December seems such a long time past now that we are into a new year) decorations the same and send them to the others from the group. I settled on Christmas baubles coz I had been meaning to make me a  set so thought others might like them too (and I still haven’t made myself a set as I kept gifting them away as fast as I made them). I didn’t take a photo due to a missing camera (which has finally turned up) and a missing notebook (that is still missing and I’m suspecting that it has been taken from our house). Never mind…thanks to  ‘D’  from Sew Funky  there is a photo of it on her blog here.  I have ‘borrowed’ her photo but I do urge you all to go take a look…and drool over the decorations that some of the other crafters have made.

I was in such a dilemma about what would match others Christmas colour themes and would they be good enough and …and…and…. Finally I settled on a sparkly silver yarn thinking that silver was a pretty ‘neutral’  and safe colour theme for Christmas. One thing that I totally didn’t take into consideration was the fragility of the bauble (which is a very thin easily breakable glass) and how I was going to post these so that they arrive in one piece.

The weeks leading up to Christmas became really hectic and I omitted to say thanks to the other crafters in the group for their beautiful decorations. With the misplacement of my camera there were no photos taken of the gorgeous treasures that I received and now they are safely packed away in the ceiling until another December rolls around. If you are reading this there is a BIG THANK YOU to those who added your love to our tree and an even BIGGER THANK YOU to D for all your time and effort in organising this.

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