I will ignore the obvious…that I have been AWOL from the blogging world for six plus months. No excuses except ‘I have not been here’.  Although I have not signed up for Blogtober this year (partly due to changes with WordPress and my technical inability to get my head around them) I thought I would just play at blogtober to see if I can get my blogging mojo back into the rhythm.

Last week my sewing machine came out of hibernation as I volunteered to sew bunting flags for a local festival. I obviously suffer amnesia when it comes to bunting flags…failing to remember how time-consuming and tedious it is to sew up 100’s of them. Seven hours of cutting (yes I cut each out individually…am I crazy or what?) and roughly the same amount of time for sewing.  I won’t moan here about my back giving out…only lasting about 30 minutes of sewing at a time…oh the joys of advancing years.

As I dropped off the bag of finished bunting flags to the organiser I fretted to myself that I hadn’t sewn enough. I had run out of sewing time and had to be somewhere else for a few days. I needn’t have worried….there were plenty of flags to brighten the festival. My reward for those hours of cutting and sewing was seeing them hanging at the festival… the children enjoying themselves playing old-fashioned games under a rainbow of colour.

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