Never Ending Scarf

Knitting has been very slow this winter. I decided to knit a scarf. When I saw this beautiful scarf hanging in the yarn shop I forgot that I hated knitting scarves and made one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions to buy a hideously expensive ball of wool. Not only was this ball hideously expensive…is was a mixture of dark colours and extremely fine. Did I say extremely fine? Like so thin it couldn’t get any thinner.

First off were the needles…..the only needles I had that were the right size were black. I soon discovered that dark hideously expensive, extremely fine yarn just isn’t good to knit on black needles. Next I tried some gold metal needles that I found in a ‘cheap’ crafting shop. No no….another set of needles that are not good….at night the light reflects off gold metal needles …trying to blind me with the bling.  Third time lucky with cheap grey plastic needles…not ideal…I am still hunting for some short bamboo needles…but as there isn’t a large selection of yarn stores in the city where I live I was stuck with cheap plastic.

I have spent most of the winter knitting and knitting this damn scarf that just seems to take forever to grow. I’m having to watch every stitch I knit. A dropped stitch means hours of unknitting to find it. It is really beyond me who would enjoy lace knitting with very fine yarn.

At present I am about 3/4’s the way through the ball of yarn. I just can’t pick it up again…I have knitted (and unknitted) the damn scarf too many times and am just so over it. I will pick it up again (hideously expensive yarns just can’t be left languishing in the corner forever) but first I need to do a few quick knits and see some finished articles.

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